You're successful. But there's
something missing. And you know it.
You can feel it. If only you knew where to look . . .


Congratulations, you're about to discover what you've been looking for . . .

A vision of what is possible—calling to you from deep within your heart, mind, and soul.

So, you owe it to yourself to read every word on this page and find out how you can lay open the root of what’s been holding you back, and ensure it will never happen again.



"Look Out World! Here I Come!"

Ahna Cleveland"After years of self-discovery and helping others, I wasn't sure I still had much "Fear of Being Fabulous". Imagine my surprise when in just a few minutes, Judith and Jim helped me uncover a deeply-held issue with being more successful than my father, and lovingly moved me to a place of much greater value and appreciation of myself! Now it's, "Look out world! Here I come!"

Ahna Cleveland, Louisville, CO


Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski

From: Judith & Jim
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Friend,

R ecently we worked with Sandra (not her real name) to get to the heart of her career frustration.

During our initial phone coaching session she told us that, as an interior designer, she couldn’t get enough work. When she did, she somehow always shortchanged herself when bidding for the jobs.

"You know you’re really talented, right?” Judith asked.

"Yeah. I do. That’s not the issue.”

“But asking to be paid what you’re worth,” Judith probed, “you can’t find the courage?”

“I don’t know.” Sandra hesitated, as though trying not to be heard. “It’s like I feel selfish or like I should take care of them somehow and I end up on the short end.”

“Where do your referrals come from?“ Jim asked.

“I have an ad in the yellow pages . . . and I . . . well, I post fliers at my children’s dance class, and their karate class. You know, things like that.”

“So, you keep yourself hidden,” Jim gently pushed. “You keep yourself small. No wonder you can’t ask for the large money you’re worth. You don’t see yourself as large enough to receive it.”

Sandra began to cry.

She confessed that she was even more frustrated by the fact that most of the people she’d gone to college with were very successful and influential and when she saw them at parties or fund raisers she felt even worse about herself.

“It sounds like you come from a fairly influential community,” Judith prodded. “Have you asked for referrals from your friends?”

“No. No. I’d feel like I was begging. I can’t do that. Don’t even go there.”

Shamed and beaten down in her own mind, in her own view of who she could be, Sandra was caught in a vicious, self-fulfilling cycle of shame and fear. And still she wanted so much to be fully alive and thrive in the world.

W hat Do You Do
When You‘re Faced With a Challenge?

You probably jump right in and do what it takes to get the job done, right? Because that’s who you are. Smart. Accomplished. A doer.

But what about that other part of you? You know, where the gnawing ache lives — that feeling in your gut that you could be so much more if you could only find the way.

We congratulate you for being a doer, but . . .

The part of you we want to talk to, the part that brought you here, is the ache — your longing for something more

For the future you know is waiting but the path is only partly clear —

For the success you see others having but you can’t find for yourself —

For the desire you feel but just can’t take action on —

And, bottom line, you know that something within you is throwing up a roadblock.

But, what is it? WHAT IS IT?

We call it . . .

The Fear of Being Fabulous

And there’s not one person alive on this planet who’s not been held back by it.

That’s why you’re here. That's why you were drawn to this page . . .

Because it’s time to overcome your fear of being fabulous
and live the life you know is there deep inside.


It’s time now. Not next week. Not next month. Not tomorrow . . .

It’s time now.

You’ve been waiting long enough —

Feeling only half alive —

Yearning to be full and free.

That’s why you’re here.


Here’s a Very Simple Way You Can
Prove It to Yourself . . .

. . . prove that The Fear Of Being Fabulous is what’s holding you back.

Begin by answering this question:

How do you respond when someone compliments you?

Do you open wide, take in what they say, and follow it with a heartfelt and sincere “Thank You” — because you know it’s true?

Or do you brush it off with an awkward, self-conscious version of, “Aw, it’s nothing.”

Or do you let it slide and not acknowledge it at all?

Sounds like a simple question, right? But don’t be fooled.

Your answer is as profound as anything you can imagine.

Because your answer reaveals to what extent you struggle with The Fear of Being Fabulous.


No Other Program That Can Do

Art KleinThere's no other program that can do what Judith & Jim's "Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous" can do. Because they have the psycho-spiritual courage to take you right into the depths of where the only true release can be found.

Art Klein, Catskill, NY



What Is The Fear of Being Fabulous?

It’s not about what you do. It’s about who you permit yourself to be.

What happens when the spotlight is turned on you?

Do you use any one of a thousand tricks to turn it aside, turn it down, turn it off —?

Because something inside:

Won’t let you simply and honestly take center stage
Won’t let you stand in the fullness of who you are
Won’t let you shine in the brightness of your talents and gifts

That’s The Fear of Being Fabulous™. That’s the source of the ache that lives inside.

Nothing can quiet that ache except a clear, no-nonsense grasp of the beliefs and images you have about yourself—that set of psychological blocks you are completely loyal to, and you don’t even know it.

If you’re determined to . . .


You have to understand . . .

How the root of your psychological block got started
How it operates
How you can identify its tell-tale signs
How it forbids you to step outside of who you’ve been
What you can do to change and ultimately rid yourself of it

Overcome Your Fear of Being Fabulous and set yourself free.

Stand at the center of who you are, without discomfort or guilt,
shame or sin, and recognize what is true and real for you!

How Can We Be So Sure About All This?

Because of what we had to do.

We grew up in households that were very repressive.

JUDITH: My family demanded perfection and punished me when I wasn’t perfect. And the message was? “Don’t make a move unless you can prove your worth by being perfect.”

AND whatever perfection was supposed to be was a moving target so I could never know if I was getting it right. Try forming a Fabulous Sense of Self under those conditions.

Does that sound familiar?

JIM: I came from an environment — my family, church, and neighborhood — that regularly and often brutally crushed desire. When I got excited about something and dared to express my desire, I was cut down with contempt, and I suffered terrible shame.

Try stoking up your fabulousness under that threat.

And how did those beginnings show up in our later lives? We have similar stories:

Long before we met we were both actors.

JUDITH: I was signed by Marty Boehm, one of the top talent agents in Hollywood.

He said, “You know you’re not a major personality yet. To help develop our young actors, we have a free acting class on Monday nights. I want you to attend. It’ll be really terrific for you.”

Do you think I was there, bright and early, asking for help?

Nooooooo. I never attended. Why? I didn’t want to expose how inadequate I felt.

JIM: I was a member of the acting company at the Loretta Hilton Repertory Theater in St. Louis. At one point I was asked if I wanted to be the Artistic Director. The Artistic Director is the person who plans the seasons and hires the actors and directs some of the shows.

At first I was thrilled. But when I had to let them know what I was going to do, I told them . . . I wasn’t ready.

The truth is I couldn’t allow myself to have that kind of ambition and desire.

Those are just two examples of how The Fear of Being Fabulous sabotaged our many opportunities.

Did we feel that fear? No. We didn’t. Because we believed the stories we told ourselves. That’s what everybody does.

But we’re past that now. We don’t chase fantasies expecting to be rescued anymore. No more confusion. Instead of looking up to those who have what we wanted, we’ve joined them and have never looked back.

That’s how we can be so sure when we say that you can do what we did, because we know the terrain — inside and out. And now with our one-of-a-kind Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous program you CAN find your own freedom too.


Judith & Jim Are True Wizards

Beth DavisJudith & Jim are true wizards at taking you right to the core of what's been holding you back, no matter what areas of your life, and then guiding you through the release - so you can truly live your Fabulous Life!

Beth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Tucson, AZ



Open up your life . . . release your creativity . . . let your ambition free . . . re-ignite your determination . . . get the results that will set your heart pounding.

Make everyday a triumph, living the life you dearly desire!

 Yes I'm Ready » 

You’re Invited . . .

. . . to a personal freedom experience, a real life chance at liberation from your internal barriers, where OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF BEING FABULOUS



** Will be what you’re all about . . .

** What you will be encouraged and supported to choose, and

** How you will be celebrated when you say — YES I CAN AND I WILL !

Yes Yes Yes Yes and Yes . . . I Can and I Will !!

 I Can and I Will» 

What You Can Expect from Our
Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous program

Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous

You can begin to:

Discover the deep roots of your Holdbacks - and why they've been so powerful

Recognize the signs and signals of The Fear of Being Fabulous so you can keep from falling into its sticky traps

Redefine what Success means to you so you can Succeed Every Day and watch your life take the path you've always known was right for you

Recognize the heart of your liberation and rejoice in all that opens in front of you

Embrace the Decision that will Lead You to Liberation and Freedom so that every day becomes another step in the fulfillment of your dreams

Build a Vision of Your Future, your new internal scanner keeping you on track and moving forward

Refuse to sell yourself short any longer and stop playing small

Claim your rightful place in the world - that place that expresses who you are in all of your dimensions

AND ... Let Yourself BE Fabulous!

 My Place Is Waiting For Me» 

What Does Our Program
“Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous”
Provide for You?

We’ll let a few of the many men and women who’ve benefitted from our program tell you:


Their Program Gives You Everything You Need

Tom JustinSo many people claim they have the secret to set you free, but Judith & Jim have created a program that actually does set you free - as long as you apply it.

While J & J have an amazing track record in what they do, they can't change your life for you. BUT their program gives you everything you need to do what it takes to live a truly fabulous life!

Tom Justin, Las Vegas, NV




Industrial-Strength Penicillin
For Fear Of Succeeding!

Signe DayhoffEven though I'm a psychologist, self-presentation expert, and author, I discovered there was something holding me back, keeping me from truly succeeding. Surprise! I was afraid of being 'fabulous.'

But thanks to Judith and Jim's brilliant program, I broke through that five-foot-thick wall of resistance and am now planning and executing profitable projects, and enjoying my many personal and business successes. 'Fear of Being Fabulous' is industrial-strength penicillin for fear of succeeding!

Dr. Signe A. Dayhoff, Ph.D, Placitas, NM




A Personally Proven Way To Go Forward

Sy JoffeWhat a treat to experience two professionals with extensive backgrounds in human analysis and who, with honesty and humor, provide a personally proven way to go forward, beyond the blocks and holdbacks other programs cannot touch. Judith & Jim are a remarkable couple who willingly bring us into their orbit so we can embrace and actually live our fabulous lives!

Sy Joffe, CEO, One World Medicine Las Vegas, NV




From a Timid 3 Year Mindset To a 90-Day Plan

Dawn & Tina Jo StephensBecause of your "Fear of Being Fabulous" program we realized that fear was holding us back and it resonated in us so deeply that it ignited a fire in us that changed our lives forever.

After your program we quickly changed from a timid 3 year mindset and went to a 90-day plan. Yes we said 90 days!! Tina Jo quit her career of 20 years and the Universe shifted!

That very evening we found the opportunity we had been searching for. We both continue to be amazed (but not surprised) as to how the Universe reconfigures to help you once you fully commit to your dreams!

Thanks again Judith and Jim for helping us dream BIG!

Dawn and Tina Jo Stephens, Baja Mexico




Opened a Portal Between Heart & Marketing

Alex GiorgioI love the overwhelming response to what you are creating in the world as "spiritpreneurs." I really believe in what you are doing and want to help as many people find the pathway to "selling as a spiritual service." You have indeed opened a portal between the heart and marketing.

Alex Giorgio, Sedona, NM


"Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous"
Leads You To Personal Discoveries
and Real Liberation

We begin by answering the question:

CD # 1 – What Is the Fear of Being Fabulous?

This sets the foundation for your understanding.

Next we expose the flaw in the idea of positive thinking:

CD # 2 – Positive Thinking Is Not Enough!

So you can move past this hidden trap right from the beginning.

Then we introduce you to an evolutionary new reality:

CD # 3– There Is No Such Thing As Failure

That’s a fact, and when you get it you can forgive your past and open the way to a new life.

Now you’re ready to experience:

CD # 4 – Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous

So you can embrace and enjoy your intentions, your actions, and your results.

Next you begin to flesh out your vision of what it’s like:

CD # 5 – Beyond the Fear of Being Fabulous

Because with a destination, you move forward almost effortlessly.

Then you’ll begin to feel what it’s like to experience:

CD # 6 – The Freedom to Be Fabulous

Wake up eager to move forward, building your Fabulous Life day-by-day.

Freedom is all about love and love is all about freedom, so we’ve included:

CD # 7 – The Fear of Being Fabulous in Love

Because life is more than just achievement and success. Life is Love and Love is Life.

And finally, you can put it all together as you:

CD # 8 – Magnify Your Excellence

Standing at the center of who you are—with confidence, joy, authenticity, a clear vision of where you’re going, proud and humble, caring and compassionate for yourself and others—you’re alive and thriving , living what is deeply true and real for you.

It’s Time to Stop Looking Up To Those
Whose Lives You’d Like to Have and


 I Want What Is True & Real For Me» 

And to Demonstrate Our Readiness
To Champion Your Dreams and Desires

We’ve added 4 CD BONUSES to our already life-changing, future-transforming program.

Breaking Through Resistance
    • Step One: The Nature of Resistance
    • Step Two: Your Inner Saboteur
    • Step Three: Activating the Self
    • Step Four: Reclaiming Your Life


On Developing Self-Esteem – with Nathaniel Branden

In case you haven’t heard the name Nathaniel Branden, he’s known world-wide as one of the world-class minds of the twentieth century. As the Father of the Self-Esteem Movement, he is the author of 20 books, which have been published in 18 languages, selling over 4 million copies.

By the end of the conversation I knew I would never again have to fall prey to false beliefs. I had learned actual concrete ways to gain control over my inner demons! Thank you J & J once again for so generously providing a forum for conscious growth.

Rochelle Blank, Holistic Health Counselor, Bergen County, NJ


 Overcoming Negative Head Talk

Get rid of those paralyzing negative thoughts that keep you from living the life you want. You know, that voice in your head that keeps whispering—“Who do you think you are?”

I've read hundreds of books, but never looked at negative head talk like this before. I'm seeing through "new eyes". Please put this on cd and sell it. Hundreds if not thousands of people will benefit.

Teri Martin, MS, FNP Windham, NY


 Emotional Baggage: Curse or Blessing?

Is emotional baggage a curse? Very often. Why? Because it lurks in the shadows of your awareness – running your life. And because it’s hidden, that’s what gives emotional baggage its awesome power.

Can emotional baggage be a blessing? Absolutely. Because when you pay attention to the signals that rise up as “baggage, ” the care and concern you give to those old wounded parts of you will return rewards you haven’t even yet imagined.

Thanks Judith and Jim. I wasn’t a believer in psychological stuff until I heard you two. You should have your own talk show. What you teach is so real, and it really works.

Michael McCall, Little Rock, AR

Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous

 Thank You For These Bonuses» 

It’s Now Your Moment of Action...
Will You Choose The Freedom To Be Fabulous?

To stand at the center of who you are—with confidence, joy, authenticity, a clear vision of where you’re going, proud and humble, caring and compassionate for yourself and others, alive and thriving ,living what is deeply true and real for you.

We've made this entire 12-CD program avaliable at less than one hour of private coaching with us...

"Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous" ...................... only $497

Why the discount? To celebrate making our program available in a single 12 CD package.

And We've Made Your Decision Risk Free...
You Have Our Full 30 Day Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Seal

You must be completely delighted with our program or we will refund the full purchase price. All you have to do is let us know, and then return the entire CD package in the same condition you received it.

And to Make It as Easy as We Can
For You . . .

You can choose between a single or a two-payment plan to take advantage of our life-changing, life-transforming program.

Invest in your future with either one full payment of only $497 or use our two-payment plan.

Should you use the two-payment plan, your credit card will be charged $275 when you place your order and a second payment of $275 the following month.

The choice is yours.

 I'll Pay In Full» 
 I'll Pay In Two Payments» 

For another option to order, please call 1-877-810-7653

Payments Accepted



The First Time

Steve RobertsI've listened to many teleseminars and usually hang up early, and certainly never buy into their offers at the end. Your offer was the first time. I will share the info with my staff at Samaritan Counseling & Education Center in Colorado Springs, where I am the Director of Counseling. Thanks again!

Steve Roberts, Colorado Springs, CO



If You’re Still Not Sure You Have to Ask Yourself . . .

What old internal block is in your way? What belief, fear, resistance, demeaning voice are you giving in to right now?

Because either you’ve got everything in your life taken care of, or some old programming is running your decision. And that’s a fact.

So join the hundreds of men and women who’ve had their lives transformed by Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous and enjoy a freedom you cannot yet even imagine.

 I Won't Let My Past Run My Future» 

Because It’s All in the Connection,

Judith & Jim

PS — About Sandra — once she understood the source of her Fear of Being Fabulous she made a deep decision to change her life. And she did. Today she is well paid, has as much work as she can handle, is respected among her peers, and enjoys her life. Recently she sent us a holiday card, and in it she wrote:

“It’s as if I live in a brand new world, it's all the result of what you showed me. That’s what made me new. There's no way to thank you for setting me free".


I Left Wanting More

Anne DuganI worked with Judith and Jim to bring their Fear of Being Fabulous program to my organization. They offered insight into the struggle most of us have with embracing our fabulous selves and were very real about their own struggles as well; refreshing when you hear so many people train as if they have completely overcome whatever holds them back.

I left wanting more and also with some very key tools into learning more about myself and my own struggles. I can't wait to work with them again!

Anne Dugan, Executive National Vice President
Arbonne International



Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski 9101 West Sahara Ave. 105-k1 Las Vegas, NV 89117 USA (877-810-7653)