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There’s so much more to real-life love and enjoying real romance EVERY DAY!

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Make a Daily Date — IF you are OPEN and READY to discover how to enjoy the pleasure of …

  • Giving and Receiving more Love

  • Experiencing the depth and emotional pleasure of love—in your everyday life

  • Celebrating the differences between you and your partner

  • Leaving old wounds behind so you can live in the unfolding mystery of your future

  • Feeling more confident that you know how to address whatever needs attention so your life and your love can flourish

  • And experiencing the fulfillment of being loved for who you really are!

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Opening to Love ~ 365 Days a Year

“We all need direct uncomplicated guidance”

“Don’t be deceived by the apparent simplicity of these messages. They provide practical wisdom about the things that matter to us all. Notice the complexity of emotion offered in the daily meditations. We all need direct uncomplicated guidance to love-well in our complicated lives.”

Thomas Moore,

Author, Care of the Soul and Original Self

For just 10 cents a day, husband and wife renowned relationship experts and best-selling authors Judith Sherven PhD and James Sniechowski PhD help you experience the daily adventure of true, passionate, lasting love.

“A refreshing dose of inspiration”

“Here is a delightful bouquet of recipes for heartful living. A refreshing dose of inspiration for every day of the year.”

Joyce Vissell R.N., M.S. and Barry Vissell, MD,

Authors, The Shared Heart and The Hearts Wisdom

For the next 365 days, you can now open your inbox to love!

Each day Judith & Jim will send you an inspirational and insightful heart-felt message that they have added to and updated from their highly acclaimed book Opening to Love 365 Days a Year direct to your inbox or registered device.

These daily messages address some of the most significant aspects of marriage and dating ― such as conflict, romance, trust, commitment, self-respect, curiosity, celebration, frustration, and sexuality, and so much more.

Yes, 365 every-day topics!

Your Opening to Love messages will be uplifting whether you are Married, Dating, Looking, Separated, Divorced, Widowed, or have any form of LGBTQ relationship.

A Special Message from Judith & Jim

We created this program because we know that most people never receive any meaningful training or preparation for enjoyable, effective dating, or for creating a healthy and vital marriage.

The international divorce rate is painful evidence of what follows when people don’t know how to be with one another in a way that enriches them as individuals and as a couple, and that can draw them closer and closer together over time.

Our wish for you is that you will be loved for all that you are and love someone in just the same way!

“A refreshing dose of inspiration”

“Opening to Love 365 Days a Year is a great way to start each morning and end each evening. Whether you’re single, dating, in a committed relationship or married, these pearls of wisdom will surely add a joyful smile to your lips and pleasant laughter to your heart. Drs. Judith and Jim have created a romantic winner.”

Dr. Grace Cornish

Author, 10 Bad Choices That Ruin Black Women's Lives

It’s time to foster the genuine, spiritually nourishing intimacy that comes from cherishing the differences between you and your partner.

When your daily email arrives …

Open and read your message of love and reflect on how that message can spiritually enrich your relationship from that day forward. Share it with your partner so you can both expand your loving awareness together—focused on the topic for that day!
Keep the unique message in mind, write about it, talk about it, practice some new behaviors. Use anything that comes to mind based on the message of the day to become more available to yourself, to real romance, and to real-life love.
Remember your life belongs to you. It is yours to shape and create. And of course, with creative new ideas you’ll get more of what you desire.

What More People Are Saying About
Opening to Love ~ 365 Days a Year

“I just wanted to say thank you for the insights you offer in your daily e-mail regarding Opening to Love 365 Days a Year.

You offer so much to consider and think about in each e-mail. Things I haven’t thought of at this point. I am currently single and waiting for that special someone to commit myself to. I’m very excited for that time to come. But until then, I know that I am learning, growing, and improving everyday by reading these e-mails.

I know what is coming in the future is going to be awesome just based on things I have learned along the way and your comments are a huge part of that.

I am so glad I signed up for this daily e-mail. I wanted you to know that you do make a difference and I am grateful for what you’ve done. Keep up the great work!!!”

~ Julianne Dexter, Portland Oregon ~


“My Daily Dose of Love …

Opening to Love 365 Days a Year is a wonderful guide for creating and maintaining loving relationships. Its daily meditations are quick and fun to read and fit in perfectly with today’s busy schedules. Reading it, has become an important part of my daily routine.”

~ Paul Gonzalez ~
Thought Leader and Florida Talk Radio Host


“True, passionate, lasting love is a 365-day-a-year adventure. Every person who wants a fantastic relationship owes it to themselves to read and remember the wisdom this book offers.”

~ Michael Webb ~
author, The RoMANtic’s Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love

Whether you are currently looking for a partner, already in a committed relationship or hoping to repair a neglected relationship but don’t know how, for just 10 cents a day these beautiful daily insights will give you a vision of the love that you can practice forever.
Wake up to your first inspirational message tomorrow!

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