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Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous podcasts are weekly bite-sized 7-10-minute episodes devoted to helping you move past internal (often unconscious) barriers, or what hosts Judith & Jim call allegiances and holdbacks.

Our podcasts are devoted to helping you expand your life, in whatever ways you want or need, and that’s why we feature such wide ranging topics.

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Ep.107~Our Own Hold-Backs Part 2~Jim’s Fear of Being Fabulous

Today it’s Jim’s turn to share some of his stories that demonstrate where his Fear of Being Fabulous originated.

When you listen to Jim describe a bit of his background and the early roots of his Fear Of Being Fabulous, see what comes to mind from your own early experiences where you thought you had to be humble and modest, playing down your own excellence and expertise. That playing down is what J & J call “hold-backs” which are most often

And that’s what “The Double Js” are dedicated to helping you discover.


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Ep.106 ~ Our Own Hold-Backs~Part 1~Judith’s Fears of Being Fabulous

Today’s episode is about Judith’s Fear Of Being Fabulous

Judith & Jim’s expertise in helping people with Overcoming The Fear Of Being Fabulous didn’t just come from working with clients in their private practice over many year and now coaching tech industry executives. It started with their own personal challenges.

Today you’ll gain insight into a bit of Judith’s background and

–  so you can hopefully relate them to your own life.

Next week it’s Jim’s turn to share some stories about his holdbacks.

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Ep.105 ~ Understanding The Terms We Use

It’s NOT psycho-jargon

It’s important to understand the specific terms Judith & Jim use to describe how The Fear Of Being Fabulous is created, how it’s maintained, and what’s involved in order for you to actually Overcome The Fear Of Being Fabulous.

This isn’t some kind of psycho-jargon. J & J’s specific terms emerged through the process of coaching and teaching people about The Fear Of Being Fabulous, and continually exploring their own experiences with it as well.

In this episode you’ll find out what “Allegiances” and Forbiddances” are all about. And you’ll also

  Get ready to compare your own experiences with what The Double Js will be sharing with you.

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Ep.104 ~ The Power of the Unconscious

Who are you really? And what is not the REAL you?

Many people associate the unconscious with forbidden feelings. Perhaps sexual, perhaps rageful, or anything else that’s considered forbidden. But we prefer to look at what went into your mind to help create The Fear Of Being Fabulous before you were old enough to evaluate what is actually true for you – who you really are – and what is not the real you.

That’s why J & J devote this podcast to helping you explore the power of the unconscious and how it can be controlling you without your awareness or understanding.

And The Double Js will also give you some


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Ep.103 ~ Signs and Signals of The Fear of Being Fabulous

Are you a chronic procrastinator?

Do you worry about The Imposter Syndrome? Refrain from speaking up at meetings or with friends for fear you’ll be seen as a bossy, imposing know-it-all? Do you struggle with anxiety and/or depression? Are you a chronic procrastinator? Perhaps you cater to old values you learned in childhood and don’t even recognize what it’s costing you.

These are just a small sampling of what you’ll discover about the Signs and Signals of ways that people suffer from the Fear of Being Fabulous—and how it may be holding you back from a much larger, happier life.Click on the Cover to get Your Copy Now from Amazon

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Ep.102 ~ Jim’s Personal Fear After His Stroke

Jim’s Personal Fear of Being Fabulous Struggle After a Stroke in 2016

Sometimes the Fear of Being Fabulous can have tangible, physical roots. For example, Jim’s stroke in October 2016 mostly hit the muscles in his mouth and therefore his speech. Even though most people now think he sounds “normal,” never having heard him before, Jim needed to explain his own Fear of Being Fabulous to you so you understand that it’s been caused by not trusting how he sounds when he speaks. Notice how Jim responds when Judith points out how he finds it difficult to give himself credit for Being Fabulous at speaking on their podcasts and doing executive coaching.

Can you relate to that?

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Ep.101 ~ What is the Fear of Being Fabulous

You’ll be sure to see yourself here!

Nearly everyone holds themselves back from the super success they could enjoy. Procrastination! Self-doubt! Anxiety! Judith & Jim describe how unconscious allegiances and hold-backs produce The Fear of Being Fabulous plus the underpinnings and the roots of deep hold-backs.

And for this podcast and every one to come, Judith &  Jim’s goal is to leave you more empowered and inspired to expand your freedom to be fully you!

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