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Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous podcasts are weekly bite-sized 7-10-minute episodes devoted to helping you move past internal (often unconscious) barriers, or what hosts Judith & Jim call allegiances and holdbacks.

Our podcasts are devoted to helping you expand your life, in whatever ways you want or need, and that’s why we feature such wide ranging topics.

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Ep.122 ~ Regret

Have you heard the expression “You’ll regret what you haven’t done, not what you actually have done”?

What comes to mind when you think about regret? Chances are good that it’s not about things you did, but about things you didn’t allow yourself to do. Or haven’t done and may never do, but you’d like to – sort of —

So today we’re digging into desire and regret.

Because what we’ve seen all too often are the regrets that shadow people’s careers and personal lives.

Regrets about what they might have done or could have done but didn’t.

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Ep.121 ~ Revisiting the Love Grip

“Oh I can’t leave it behind. It’s part of who I’ve always been.”

If you started at the beginning of our podcast series, you heard us mention “The Love Grip” Today we’re going to dig into a deeper definition of “The Love Grip”, how it’s created, and why it’s so often difficult to leave behind. In fact, when some people understand that they are caught in The Love Grip and that’s what has been holding them back, they are shocked to hear themselves say, “Oh I can’t leave it behind. It’s part of who I’ve always been.”

Yes, the Love Grip can feel so much a part of you that for some people it’s very difficult to release.

As a married psychology team we’ve been exploring and working with people about issues that relate to “The Love Grip” for over 30 years. And we know that it can touch right into the depths of what’s been holding you back in any area of your life.

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Ep.120 ~ It’s Becoming a Movement

No more hiding your holdbacks!

Yes, it’s really becoming a movement! And times, they really are changing! No more hiding your holdbacks, your fears of being too much. Or, on the other hand, no more avoiding telling your friends about the great promotion you just received, the awesome person you just went out with who wants to see you again, the amount of weight you lost, or the wonderful vacation you have planned!

And it’s totally okay if you’re struggling, uncomfortable, self-conscious, even embarrassed that The Fear Of Being Fabulous still has a hold on you. In fact, you can say so.

Why? Because more and more we hear from people who listen to this podcast, share it with their friends, and are finding that the topic of Overcoming The Fear Of Being Fabulous is more and more an okay thing to talk about!

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Ep.119 ~ Permission To Get Angry

Do you have permission to express anger?

We ask because one of our podcast listeners asked that we provide an episode about anger — the freedom to express anger.

She said there are so many times that she feels angry, whether in her love relationship or at work, but she can’t find the internal permission to express it.

Now this is a very bright, educated, successful woman, and she knows it doesn’t serve her career or her relationship to hold back when she feels angry.

So today we’re going to unpack the fear of being furious! Well, actually not the fear of BEING furious, instead it’s the fear of EXPRESSING your fury, whether that be in just disagreeing with people, exposing flaws in their logic, or whatever it might be!

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Ep.118 ~Is Your Sense of Self Internal or External?

How much do you focus on what other people think of you?

Do you cater to others’ opinions – whether it’s about music, work, health, politics, the latest film, or where to go on your next vacation  – rather than owning your own perspective?

In this podcast we’re inviting you to examine – for yourself – what’s known as the difference between Internal vs External Locus of Control. In other words, where do you look to determine your value? Out there in other people’s opinions, style, or habits? Or inside yourself?

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Ep.117 ~ Do You Deserve It?

Do you feel you deserve the success you’ve achieved?

Think of all the super stars who killed themselves – one way or another – at the height of their career. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe and the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter whether it might have even been an “accidental overdose” or described as an accidental noose around the neck, either way they couldn’t live within the glory and wealth they had earned.

So, what about you? Do you feel you deserve the success you’ve achieved? The house or condo you own? The acclaim, the stature the world keeps granting to you? Or do you feel self-conscious, guilty, worried about what others think? Most people do, that’s why we’re exploring how you can better deserve, truly deserve, the life you’ve created for yourself, and the success that’s coming in the future.

Just click on the cover for more information about the book

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Ep.116 ~ Do You Suffer from The Imposter Syndrome

Do You Suffer From The Imposter Syndrome?

Some of the people we coach, who are leaders in their own right – most of whom work in the tech industry either directly or as joint venture partners – tell us they feel like imposters. They know it’s strange. They acknowledge that there’s no real legitimate reason for it. But they still feel like they can’t quite own the success they’ve achieved.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand if someone never went to college, or didn’t graduate from college and yet they are now managing people who have PhDs in Computer Science or Data Analysis. But many times, if not most of the time, people who struggle with the Imposter Syndrome  – no matter their education, professional experience, or even their age – simply can’t stand solidly within their very real accomplishments and feel like rightful owners.

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Ep.115 ~ Do You Allow Yourself To Want?

How Much Do You Allow Yourself To Want?

It’s our personal and professional experience that most people do – at least from time to time, if not most of the time. Certainly we’ve both felt the drag of depression, the annoyance of anxiety, the uncertainty of living on this planet.

Not only do those feelings undermine your self-confidence, they seriously limit what you can allow yourself to want for your life. That’s why we are committed to helping you expand how much you can allow yourself to want – now – and going forward in your life!

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Ep.114 ~ Receiving Praise and Compliments

How well do you receive praise and compliments?

Do you blow it off when someone compliments you?

Discover what that says about your relationship with you and how to turn this around. You’ll also discover how saying “Thank You” is actually a gift. After all, if you can’t receive acknowledgment from others, and easily say “Thank you” it’s a bit like living in a psychological and spiritual desert.


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Ep.113 ~ The Importance Of Leaving Home At Any Age

You’ll Never Liberate Your True Identity Until You “Leave Home” Internally

Most people move out of their parents home to start their own lives.

So today, Judith will interview Jim about why he wrote his Leaving Home Trilogy of autobiographical novels.

Jim will reveal how the first book, “Worship of Hollow Gods,” explores some of the many “hollow gods”  families become committed to; become addicted to.

In Jim’s second book, “An Ambition To Belong,” he explores the angst most adolescents experience – no longer children and not yet adult. Belonging nowhere.

Jim’s award-winning, best-selling novels added to his own freedom to be fabulous, writing about many issues that people can find off-limits or even spiritually offensive. And in that way publishing these novels was a major act of internally leaving home.

Find out more about Jim’s Best-Selling, Award-Winning Leaving Home Trilogy 

Just Click on the covers and get your copy today from Amazon

Worship Hollow Gods An Ambition to Belong

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