Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous
With Judith & Jim

For the Fabulous Life You Always Wanted

You’re successful. But there’s something missing.
And you know it. You can feel it.
If only you knew where to look . . .

Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous: 33 Keys to Creating Your New Life by Leaving Your Old Stories Behind

By Judith Sherven PhD and James Sniechowski PhD

Whether you struggle with the Imposter Syndrome, negative head talk, stress and anxiety, or any other self-defeating emotions, beliefs, and/or behaviors that deprive you of a fuller, livelier, more fabulous life, this book will help you turn your life around!

Providing 33 practical everyday Keys to leaving old habits behind, this book promises that you can indeed create a fuller, more successful life!

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Husband-and-wife psychology team Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD, best known as Judith & Jim, have more than 70 years combined experience helping people break through their personal barriers to liberation and success in various areas of life.

They are best-selling authors and today are an executive coaching team for tech company leaders as well as the hosts of their popular podcast series also named “Overcoming The Fear Of Being Fabulous.”

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Judith & Jim
Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous

Explore at even greater depths than ever before the truth of who you really are.

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You’re about to discover what you’ve been looking for . . . A vision of what is possible—calling to you from deep within your heart, your mind, and your soul.

We call it

Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous™

But what actually is The Fear of Being Fabulous?

Whenever we talk about it people usually get it right away. They blush, they laugh, they giggle. They know.
To define it simply – it’s any way you hold yourself back from being more fully present in your excellence – in any part of your life. It’s playing down your accomplishments. It’s batting away compliments, not going after a promotion, not asking that great person out for a date, not keeping yourself healthy and fit, not living the fullness that you actually are.

What Do You Do When You‘re Faced With a Challenge?

You probably jump right in and do what it takes to get the job done, right? Because that’s who you are. Smart. Accomplished. A Doer.

But what about that other part of you? You know the part where the gnawing ache lives — that feeling in your gut that you could be so much more if you could only find the way.

First, we congratulate you for being a doer, but . . .

The part of you we want to talk to, the part that brought you here, is the ache — your longing for something more —

  • For the future you know is waiting but the path is only partly clear —
  • For the success you see others having but you can’t find for yourself —
  • For the desire you feel but just can’t take action on —

And the bottom line is that you know that something within you is creating a roadblock.

But, what is it?


Yes, it’s The Fear of Being Fabulous

And there’s not one person alive on this planet who’s not been held back by it.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you were drawn to this page . . .

Because it’s time to overcome your fear of being fabulous and live the life you know is there deep inside.


It’s time now. Not next week. Not next month. Not tomorrow . . .

It’s time now. You’ve been waiting long enough —


Feeling only half alive.

Yearning to be full and free.

That’s why you’re here.



“Look Out World! Here I Come!”

“After years of self-discovery and helping others, I wasn’t sure I still had much “Fear of Being Fabulous”. Imagine my surprise when in just a few minutes, Judith & Jim helped me uncover a deeply-held issue with being more successful than my father, and lovingly moved me to a place of much greater value and appreciation of myself! Now it’s, “Look out world! Here I come!”

Ahna Cleveland,

Louisville, CO

Here’s a Very Simple Way You Can Prove it to Yourself…

. . . prove that The Fear Of Being Fabulous is what’s holding you back.

Begin by answering this question:

How do you respond when someone compliments you?

  • Do you open wide, take in what they say, and follow it with a heartfelt and sincere “Thank You” — because you know it’s true?
  • Or do you brush it off with an awkward, self-conscious version of, “Aw, it’s nothing.”
  • Or do you let it slide and not acknowledge it at all?

Sounds like a simple question, right?

But don’t be fooled.

Your answer is as profound as anything you can imagine.

Because your answer reveals the extent to which you struggle with

The Fear of Being Fabulous