Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous
With Judith & Jim

Opening to Love ~ 365 Days a Year

with Judith and Jim


“I recommend this book for all lovers and all those who are seeking love. Opening to Love 365 Days a Year was obviously written by two warm, tender and caring Sweet Spirits.”

~ Kenny Kingston ~ legendary celebrity psychic

“. . . Thought-provoking, inspiring, and wise, these affirmations are little one-page teachers; if today’s lesson feels like familiar territory, you can bet that tomorrow’s will open your eyes to a new idea, perspective, or facet of relationship.

This wife-and-husband team, co-authors of The New Intimacy, offers for each day a page-long meditation, a distilled one-sentence affirmation, and a complementary (and complimentary) quotation. Just one of the meditations is ample kindling for a great heart-to-heart bonfire with your sweetheart; two or three absorbed would qualify as a good counseling session; 15 or 20 could be spun into a self-help book; 365 is an abundance.”

~ MW NAPRA Review ~

The best breakfast for the soul every morning

“Can’t Help But Move You–Accessible Yet Deep
Judith & Jim have followed their very valuable relationship guide, The New Intimacy, with this accessible yet deep book. These authors are so very good at everything they do, including this latest offering. It addresses countless subjects that would normally be omitted from a guide to loving well, and yet are critically important to creating three-dimensional love. Partners in love and business for a solid dozen years, Judith & Jim tirelessly cheerlead their readers toward deeper and greater love. This delightful book is an admirable combination of down-to-earth practicalities and soaring wisdom.

~ Steven Svoboda ~
Everyman: A Men’s Journal

This is a ‘MUST READ” each morning before we start our day. It is a lovely guide in our devotional life. When the year is
over we begin again. Our days are spent in being cool, calm and loving. I buy it as a gift for others.

“There are many ponderous and worthwhile books out there which lead us toward the correct routing in our search to find and nurture love. Some of these are overwhelming despite our good intentions!
Opening To Love 365 days A Year is a simple guide in this complicated wilderness. . . tiny, thoughtful and gentle ways to express, feel and to be grateful in our dailiness of existence. Here are accessible reminders everyone can do – from remembering to give a compliment to the comfort of a big pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove. These all say love. A book to light up your life – day by day.”
Heartfully recommended!

~ Corinne Edwards ~
Host and Producer “Book Tours” on Wisdom Television

This Book is an Rx for Love
365 delicious doses of relationship success vitamins. You will love it and look forward to your daily dose.”

~ Larry James ~

“A gift of love and joy for every day of our lives!
Philosophers have the questions. Sherven and Sniechowski have the answers — delightful ones, joyous ones, loving ones and practical ones. If you want to feel more alive, read this book. If you want your family and friends to enjoy their lives more, buy them this book. This is fabulous!”

~ Frank F. ~

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