Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous
With Judith & Jim

3 Big Questions for You

Today Judith & Jim have 3 big questions for you! Because they want you to better understand  “Where in your life is your Unconscious holding you back?” They are following up on the topic of Unconscious Allegiances and  Forbiddances, and will be helping you examine the difference between those areas in your life where you are doing really well – maybe even amazing – and those where you feel like the mysteries of the universe have you trapped and you can’t get out!

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Ep. 137 ~ Where In Your Life Is Your Unconscious Holding You Back? ~ TRANSCRIPT


Okay, today we have 3 big questions for you!

The first –   Where in your life are you STUCK?


2nd—When does your FEAR show up and hold you back?


And, where in your life, do you feel SUCCESSFUL?

Hi – I’m Judith Sherven and I’m Jim Sniechowski


We welcome you to another podcast in our series: Overcoming The Fear of Being Fabulous.”

Our question is “Where in your life is your Unconscious holding you back?”


Today we’re following up on the topic of what we call Unconscious Allegiances and  Forbiddances, helping you examine the difference between those areas in your life where you are doing really well—maybe even amazing—and those where you feel like the mysteries of the universe have got you trapped and you can’t get out!


As you’ll more fully understand after listening to our next podcast on “Unconscious Contamination”, there are some areas of your life that can feel awesome and free. And then there are areas where your holdbacks are painfully evident. And the frustration is just as evident!

But first, during this episode, we’ll be guiding you through the process of charting what we call your Unconscious Allegiances and Forbiddances so you can begin to get a handle on how to break through to new freedoms of being who you really are—on your own terms!


As you continue to listen, bring to mind how your family of origin talked about and handled the following issues:


Making Money; Saving Money; Spending Money; the Lack of Money

And now—how is your relationship with Money similar or different from what you were surrounded by early in your life?


How about Relationships?

What was your parents’ relationship like?

How did they relate to their own families of origin?

How did your parents—or whoever raised you—expect you to relate to them?

AND—what did they expect from you about getting married?

Did they expect you to produce grand-children for them?

And now—how are your relationships coming along with your parents if they are still alive, with your other relatives, AND with people in your own immediate family if you are with a partner, and if you have children?

How would you rate relationships with your friends?

Which relationships, if any, work really well?

And which relationships expose difficulties that you inherited from how you were influenced growing up?


Following along these lines …

What were you told about “Leaving Home”?

Was your freedom to develop your own life encouraged, or forbidden?

Were you expected to take care of others over your own desires and ambitions, or not?

When you look at your life today, would you say you’ve been held back by fears of going out on your own?

Or do you see yourself as having a robustly expansive and successful life out in the world?

Now obviously there are many categories we could ask you about—and we encourage you—on your own—to take an inventory of life issues that are important to you—categorizing those where you have maximum freedom and success—and those where you know you are frustrated and feel held back.

In the meantime, we have one more category for today:


And that category is, Your Freedom To Be Successful in the World

How close are you to reaching your success goals in the world, in your profession?

Are you satisfied with where you are now?

Or are you frustrated, feeling held back?

What do you believe is holding you back?

What patterns can you see that are involved in you feeling held back?

How do you feel about being ambitious?

To what degree is it okay for you to stand apart from others in your success?

How well do you embrace your freedom to become successful in any areas of your life—way beyond that of your parents and other family members?


Finally, for any area of your life that feels less than fulfilling, what do you believe about yourself in that area that is holding you back?

And if you can’t answer these questions in a deep, enlightening way right now, that’s okay.

Listen to this podcast several times. Let the questions penetrate more deeply. And—we’re going to be providing lots more podcasts, coming up soon, that are devoted to helping you resolve that mystery!


In the meantime, notice if answering today’s questions helped you get clearer—even just a little bit—about yourself, your holdbacks, or your potential breakthroughs.

If so, terrific! If not, we’ll be back to you soon with new ways to think about “Overcoming the Fear Of Being Fabulous!


Until next time!