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Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous podcasts are weekly bite-sized 7-10-minute episodes devoted to helping you move past internal (often unconscious) barriers, or what hosts Judith & Jim call allegiances and holdbacks.

Our podcasts are devoted to helping you expand your life, in whatever ways you want or need, and that’s why we feature such wide ranging topics.

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Ep.127 ~ How Well Do You Handle Disappointment?

How do you respond when you’re not …

It’s a certainty, a fact that there will always be disappointment in life. So the most important question is – how do you respond when you experience those shocks, hurts, and sometimes soul-draining, devastating events?

Do you collapse, feel like a victim, decide it’s too much to bear? Or do you experience the frustration, the pain and acknowledge that it is real, without covering it over with false humor or developing a stiff upper lip.

Because how you respond to being disappointed is either a recipe for gratitude and a life well-lived, or a deeply contaminated recipe for bitterness and the chronic experience of defeat — no matter the actual realities of your current life.

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Ep.126 ~ Gratitude

How do you experience gratitude?

You may be asking yourself — what does Gratitude have to do with Overcoming The Fear Of Being Fabulous? You might even think you have lots of frustrations so what’s to be grateful for?

But that may be one of the issues that keeps holding you back! You may be so focused on what you don’t have that you forget to pay attention to all that you DO have.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “like attracts like” — and it’s true! Whether it’s in friendships, romantic relationships, career opportunities — like does attract like. And gratitude really does attract more to be grateful for!

So today we’re going to explore the power of gratitude to help you overcome the fear of being fabulous.

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Ep.125 ~ Speaking Up In Your Own Defense

Do you even dare do it?

When you eat out, do you feel comfortable returning dishes or drinks that weren’t prepared like you ordered? Do you even dare do it?

We’ve talked with so many people who told us they were horrified at the thought of sending back a well-done hamburger when they ordered rare; or limp bacon when they ordered super crispy; or a malt that’s delivered ahead of your meal when you specified that you wanted it with your meal and not before.

Even when we point out that they are paying for something they specified to be made a certain way, they shake their head and are clearly unable to be in charge of themselves in this regard. So today we are digging into the blocks that prevent speaking up in your own defense!

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Ep.124 ~ Your Life Before Reason and Analysis

Do You Own Your Own Life – On Your Own Terms?

Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous is rooted in awakening you to the powerful childhood roots that can be holding you back.

That’s why today we’re addressing your life, and all that influenced you before your brain was capable of Reason and Analysis. Because only with the capability to reason, analyze, and question can you own your life—on your own terms.

Join us now as we explore this very important topic.

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Ep.123 ~ Being Nice Versus Honest

Are you more comfortable being nice or being honest??

So often people short change the other person and themselves by reducing their feedback, whether at work or in their personal lives, to “being nice”, when they could provide valuable communication if they were simply, and respectfully honest.

Why would you avoid telling the truth, in favor of being “nice”?

Most people say it’s because they are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. But think about it this way — as the Dean of my graduate school once said, “Nice folks leave a wake of destruction in their path.”

So make sure to listen as we unpack that bit of true wisdom!

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Ep.122 ~ Regret

Have you heard the expression “You’ll regret what you haven’t done, not what you actually have done”?

What comes to mind when you think about regret? Chances are good that it’s not about things you did, but about things you didn’t allow yourself to do. Or haven’t done and may never do, but you’d like to – sort of —

So today we’re digging into desire and regret.

Because what we’ve seen all too often are the regrets that shadow people’s careers and personal lives.

Regrets about what they might have done or could have done but didn’t.

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Ep.121 ~ Revisiting the Love Grip

“Oh I can’t leave it behind. It’s part of who I’ve always been.”

If you started at the beginning of our podcast series, you heard us mention “The Love Grip” Today we’re going to dig into a deeper definition of “The Love Grip”, how it’s created, and why it’s so often difficult to leave behind. In fact, when some people understand that they are caught in The Love Grip and that’s what has been holding them back, they are shocked to hear themselves say, “Oh I can’t leave it behind. It’s part of who I’ve always been.”

Yes, the Love Grip can feel so much a part of you that for some people it’s very difficult to release.

As a married psychology team we’ve been exploring and working with people about issues that relate to “The Love Grip” for over 30 years. And we know that it can touch right into the depths of what’s been holding you back in any area of your life.

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Ep.120 ~ It’s Becoming a Movement

No more hiding your holdbacks!

Yes, it’s really becoming a movement! And times, they really are changing! No more hiding your holdbacks, your fears of being too much. Or, on the other hand, no more avoiding telling your friends about the great promotion you just received, the awesome person you just went out with who wants to see you again, the amount of weight you lost, or the wonderful vacation you have planned!

And it’s totally okay if you’re struggling, uncomfortable, self-conscious, even embarrassed that The Fear Of Being Fabulous still has a hold on you. In fact, you can say so.

Why? Because more and more we hear from people who listen to this podcast, share it with their friends, and are finding that the topic of Overcoming The Fear Of Being Fabulous is more and more an okay thing to talk about!

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Ep.119 ~ Permission To Get Angry

Do you have permission to express anger?

We ask because one of our podcast listeners asked that we provide an episode about anger — the freedom to express anger.

She said there are so many times that she feels angry, whether in her love relationship or at work, but she can’t find the internal permission to express it.

Now this is a very bright, educated, successful woman, and she knows it doesn’t serve her career or her relationship to hold back when she feels angry.

So today we’re going to unpack the fear of being furious! Well, actually not the fear of BEING furious, instead it’s the fear of EXPRESSING your fury, whether that be in just disagreeing with people, exposing flaws in their logic, or whatever it might be!

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Ep.118 ~Is Your Sense of Self Internal or External?

How much do you focus on what other people think of you?

Do you cater to others’ opinions – whether it’s about music, work, health, politics, the latest film, or where to go on your next vacation  – rather than owning your own perspective?

In this podcast we’re inviting you to examine – for yourself – what’s known as the difference between Internal vs External Locus of Control. In other words, where do you look to determine your value? Out there in other people’s opinions, style, or habits? Or inside yourself?

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Podcast Reviews

  • CMO
    by Wisljille from United States

    Struggling with who you are or how you can make the changes needed to be happier in your life, work or relationships? This weeks podcast by Judith and Jimreally hit home. Time for me to refocus on my internal self and needs. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  • Practical and works!
    by Emm2372 from United States

    The difference between Jim&Judith and other career coaches is that they understand the psychological reason behind behaviors and therefore can eradicate the root problems. I had the opportunity to talk to them a few times while working at a tech company. They never talked about any high level principle or abstract concepts, but only gave practical suggestions which no one mentioned to me before. And it worked.

  • Great Wisdom From Great People
    by paulrbruno from United States

    Judith and Jim bring a lifetime of wisdom to their podcast and share great insights that can help anyone become more fabulous. Presenting thier knowledge in small segments aids in being able to absorb the material and apply it. In sum, great wisdom from great people!

  • CMO
    by Wisljille from United States

    Struggling with who you are or how you can make the changes needed to be happier in your life, work or relationships? The Judith and Jim podcast provides valuable insights to learn the art of self-care and how it will positively impact your life. Don’t forget to do the homework in the podcasts – very thought provoking. Bravo!

  • Masterful wisdom
    by Pigeonsailor from United States

    Judith and Jim are so incisive and thought-provoking. I look forward to continuing to learn from them.

  • The nudge I needed
    by Meredfern from United States

    Judith and Jim are the mentors you need in your life. Sometimes we need a nudge or a shove to allow ourselves to be the person we are truly meant to be.

  • Amazing Podcast!
    by Anusha Koshe from United States

    Judith and Jim do a very good job of keeping one’s interest with this podcast! It’s creative, it’s interesting, it’s nothing like the world has seen before. Simple but extraordinary!

  • Overcoming Fears
    by terryandevey from United States

    This is an insightful truth and Jim and Judith open the door to something everyone can benifit from. They are honest and vulnerable in their presentation and encourage the listener to do the same. Nice to have small bites to chew on and look forward to the next.

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