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Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous

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Judith & Jim began their podcast series in 2019. Each 7-10-minute episode was devoted to helping you move past internal (often unconscious) barriers, or what they call allegiances and holdbacks.

At the end of 2020, largely due to the challenges of COVID-19, Judith & Jim decided to end the podcast series and focus on new projects. However, their podcast episodes will remain below for you to listen to at any time.


Ep.148 ~ Permission To Get Angry

Do you have permission to express your anger?

We ask because one of our podcast listeners asked that we provide an episode about anger — the freedom to express anger.

She said there are so many times that she feels angry, whether in her love relationship or at work, but she can’t find the internal permission to express it.

Now this is a very bright, educated, successful woman, and she knows it doesn’t serve her career or her relationship to hold back when she feels angry.

So today we’re going to unpack the fear of being furious! Well, actually not the fear of BEING furious, instead it’s the fear of EXPRESSING your fury, whether that be in just disagreeing with people, exposing flaws in their logic, or whatever it might be!

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Ep.147 ~ Is Your Sense of Self Internal or External?

How much do you focus on what other people think of you?

Do you cater to others’ opinions – whether it’s about music, work, health, politics, the latest film, or where to go on your next vacation  – rather than owning your own perspective?

In this podcast we’re inviting you to examine – for yourself – what’s known as the difference between Internal vs External Locus of Control. In other words, where do you look to determine your value? Out there in other people’s opinions, style, or habits? Or inside yourself?


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Ep.146 ~ Do You Deserve It?

Do you feel you deserve the success you’ve achieved?

Think of all the super stars who killed themselves – one way or another – at the height of their career. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Anthony Bourdain, Ernest Hemingway, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe and the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter whether it might have even been an “accidental overdose” or described as an accidental noose around the neck, either way they couldn’t live within the glory and wealth they had earned.

So, what about you? Do you feel you deserve the success you’ve achieved? The house or condo you own? The acclaim, the stature the world keeps granting to you? Or do you feel self-conscious, guilty, worried about what others think? Most people do, that’s why we’re exploring how you can better deserve, truly deserve, the life you’ve created for yourself, and the success that’s coming in the future.

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Ep.145 ~ The Imposter Syndrome

Do You Suffer From The Imposter Syndrome?

Some of the people we coach, who are leaders in their own right – most of whom work in the tech industry either directly or as joint venture partners – tell us they feel like imposters. They know it’s strange. They acknowledge that there’s no real legitimate reason for it. But they still feel like they can’t quite own the success they’ve achieved.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand if someone never went to college, or didn’t graduate from college and yet they are now managing people who have PhDs in Computer Science or Data Analysis. But many times, if not most of the time, people who struggle with the Imposter Syndrome  – no matter their education, professional experience, or even their age – simply can’t stand solidly within their very real accomplishments and feel like rightful owners.

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Ep.144 ~ Allow Yourself to Want?

How Much Do You Allow Yourself To Want?

Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, or some other form of self-doubt? It’s our personal and professional experience that most people do – at least from time to time, if not most of the time. Certainly we’ve both felt the drag of depression, the annoyance of anxiety, the uncertainty of living on this planet.

Not only do those feelings undermine your self-confidence, they seriously limit what you can allow yourself to want for your life. That’s why we are committed to helping you expand how much you can allow yourself to want – now – and going forward in your life!


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Ep. 143 ~ Receiving Praise and Compliments

How well do you receive praise and compliments?

Do you blow it off when someone compliments you? Do you hide behind false humility, worried that others may think you’re conceited or grand-standing if you simply say “Thank you”?

Discover what that says about your relationship with you and how to turn this around. You’ll also discover how saying “Thank You” is actually a gift. After all, if you can’t receive acknowledgment from others, and easily say “Thank you” it’s a bit like living in a psychological and spiritual desert.

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Ep.142 ~ The Importance Of Leaving Home At Any Age

You’ll Never Liberate Your True Identity Until You “Leave Home” Internally

Most people move out of their parents home to start their own lives. But, for most people, all too often it’s merely a physical leaving home, not one that liberates their identity!

So today, Judith will interview Jim about why he wrote his Leaving Home Trilogy of autobiographical novels.

Jim will reveal how the first book, Worship of Hollow Gods, explores some of the many “hollow gods”  families become committed to; become addicted to.

In Jim’s second book, An Ambition To Belong, he explores the angst most adolescents experience – no longer children and not yet adult. Belonging nowhere.

Jim’s award-winning, best-selling novels added to his own freedom to be fabulous, writing about many issues that people can find off-limits or even spiritually offensive. And in that way publishing these novels was a major act of internally leaving home for Jim.

To learn more about the trilogy and download a FREE copy of one of James’ favorite chapters from the Leaving Home Trilogy just go to




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Ep. 141 ~ How Well Do You Manage Up and Influence Others?

Managing up! Ever hear of it? Never heard of it?

It’s important that you don’t allow yourself to just be obedient whether it’s with your boss, your spouse, whoever! In order to grow in your self-appraisal, today Judith & Jim will help you learn to better manage up!

It’s important that you feel comfortable influencing others, perhaps in your relationship with your child’s teacher, or with your next door neighbor, or your friendship circle.  Managing Up and Influencing Others is an important element in your commitment to living an expanded lifestyle.

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Ep. 140 ~ No Such Thing As Failure

Did You Know that there’s no such thing as failure ?

Judith & Jim have a big announcement for you! Perhaps even a giant wake-up call! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE. Yes, you heard that right. There is no such thing as failure. Why? Because you are always succeeding  – always. The question is – at what?  Today Judith & Jim will help you dig into this provocative guarantee. You’ll be surprised at what you discover. To get ready for this podcast, bring to mind an area in your life where you are not living up to what you would prefer. It might be in your career, your love life, physical fitness, spirituality, you name it. Now get ready for J & J to help you think about this area in your life very, very differently!

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Ep.139 ~ Are You Allowed to Outshine Your Parents and Siblings?

Are you allowed to outshine your parents and/or siblings? 

Many people are held back by worry that if they succeed according to their own desires and ambitions they will feel guilty. But – guilty of what? Guilty for outshining everyone else in their family. Guilty for going after things their family may not approve of. Guilty. What about you? What have you felt guilty about?

What do you feel guilty about right now? Moving away from your family’s long time city or town? Dating or marrying outside your family’s race, religion, or any other approved of category? Making more money than anyone in your family ever even thought about? Succeeding in a career your family thinks is corrupt or even evil? There are plenty of other categories of course.

So today Judith & Jim ask and explore with you this key question …

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Podcast Reviews

  • CMO
    by Wisljille from United States

    Struggling with who you are or how you can make the changes needed to be happier in your life, work or relationships? This weeks podcast by Judith and Jimreally hit home. Time for me to refocus on my internal self and needs. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  • Practical and works!
    by Emm2372 from United States

    The difference between Jim&Judith and other career coaches is that they understand the psychological reason behind behaviors and therefore can eradicate the root problems. I had the opportunity to talk to them a few times while working at a tech company. They never talked about any high level principle or abstract concepts, but only gave practical suggestions which no one mentioned to me before. And it worked.

  • Great Wisdom From Great People
    by paulrbruno from United States

    Judith and Jim bring a lifetime of wisdom to their podcast and share great insights that can help anyone become more fabulous. Presenting thier knowledge in small segments aids in being able to absorb the material and apply it. In sum, great wisdom from great people!

  • CMO
    by Wisljille from United States

    Struggling with who you are or how you can make the changes needed to be happier in your life, work or relationships? The Judith and Jim podcast provides valuable insights to learn the art of self-care and how it will positively impact your life. Don’t forget to do the homework in the podcasts – very thought provoking. Bravo!

  • Masterful wisdom
    by Pigeonsailor from United States

    Judith and Jim are so incisive and thought-provoking. I look forward to continuing to learn from them.

  • The nudge I needed
    by Meredfern from United States

    Judith and Jim are the mentors you need in your life. Sometimes we need a nudge or a shove to allow ourselves to be the person we are truly meant to be.

  • Amazing Podcast!
    by Anusha Koshe from United States

    Judith and Jim do a very good job of keeping one’s interest with this podcast! It’s creative, it’s interesting, it’s nothing like the world has seen before. Simple but extraordinary!

  • Overcoming Fears
    by terryandevey from United States

    This is an insightful truth and Jim and Judith open the door to something everyone can benifit from. They are honest and vulnerable in their presentation and encourage the listener to do the same. Nice to have small bites to chew on and look forward to the next.

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